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All shows available nationally.

Patty is based in Connecticut and

tours periodically throughout the year.

Click on a title to learn more.

Live Band

Women of History

This Old Hat

Tribute Shows

Life-Long Learning

Betsy Ross

Amelia Earhart

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Deborah Sampson

Nelly Bly

Elizabeth Blackwell

Dolly Madison

Belva Lockwood

Molly Pitcher

Catherine Coffin

Prudence Crandall

Mother Jones


Add visual elements to any presentations with rear projections!


Each show has supporting and complimentary photos and videos to go with the story and music. This exciting feature requires me to bring a video tech person with me to operate the equipment so there is a small extra cost added for this feature. Please give me a call to chat about the possibilities of having projections with your show!

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