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American Heroines is a one-woman tour de force musical presentation where four noted women of American History are portrayed.  Conceived of and written by Patty Carver, American Heroines is an original musical that brings four important women of American History to Life.

American Heroines

Women of History

This Old Hat

Catherine Coffin – Considered First Lady of the Underground Railroad. She and her husband Levi Coffin lived in Newport, Indiana for 20 years. During that time they safely sheltered and sent to freedom over 3,000 escaping slaves.  She also talks about using quilts and the secret signals in the designs to communicate with escaping slaves.

Mother Jones – Is an Irish American known for organizing Unions and fighting for the rights of the working class. In 1903 she led “The March of the Mill Children” to illustrate the condition of the children that worked in the mines, mills and factories across the country. Her march resulted in the first Child Labor Laws.

Molly Pitcher – During the Battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary war she gave water to the fallen soldiers. When her husband was wounded and could no longer fire the cannon, she joined the soldiers in battle.

Prudence Crandall – She is known as Connecticut’s Heroine.  In 1833, Prudence Crandall established the first academy for African-American women in Canterbury, CT. During its 18 months of operation, Crandall and her students faced hardships and violence. She was placed on trial and arrested for breaking the Black Law, specifically designed to close the school. Finally, violence and vandalism by the citizens of Canterbury caused her to close her school.


Continuing Care

Retirement Communities


Dimensions of Wellness

1) Intellectual

2) Emotional

3) Social

Performance Details

  • Works in a variety of spaces, including classrooms, community rooms, gyms and full stages.

  • Perfect for March, Women in History Month!

  • Includes costumes, props, and music in a fully self-contained production.

  • Complete with sound system

  • Optional Q&A following the performance.

  • Running time is one hour

  • Extensive references available.

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