WEBCAST a show on your schedule!
WEBCAST a show on your schedule!
WEBCAST a show on your schedule!
Share shows with your entire community via projections, in-room computers, etc.

1 minute Promo

For 20+ years I have been traveling throughout New England, the East Coast and Midwest, bringing my one-woman history musicals and musical tributes to CCRCs, Retirement Communities and senior audiences. Webcast with Patty Carver is a product of everything I've learned. But, now I can perform in our studio and let hundreds of people watch me across the country at the same time!

- Patty


View Patty’s Shows on the day and time

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In the past year, we have learned that many communities want to view, but their schedules do not allow programming on the first Friday of the month. With this in mind, we’ll now be offering prerecorded programs that can be viewed from our website any time, at your convenience! It’s one-click easy on your schedule!

Community Spotlight

The Ponds

Monroe Township, NJ

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Patty Carver
00:00 / 00:00



- 7 minutes in length

"September Song"

The Village at Waterman's Lake

Retirement Living, Greenville, RI.

Video Length: 12 minutes


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